Celebrity Fight Night

Celebrity Fight Night Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization that was established to promote ongoing efforts to eliminate sickness and poverty. The Foundation continues to support the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix; and contributes to treatment and research aimed at finding a cure for catastrophic diseases and provides funding to non-profit organizations that create opportunities for youth and their families who live in our threatening and vulnerable neighborhoods.

Jimmy Walker
Jimmy Walker
Founder and Chairman
Celebrity Fight Night
Foundation, Inc.
Sean Currie
Sean Currie
Executive Director
Celebrity Fight Night
Foundation, Inc.
Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Inc.

2111 East Highland Avenue, Suite 135
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

P: 602-956-1121
F: 602 346 1555
501c3 # 86-0903119
Board of Directors
Jimmy Walker, Chairman
Mark Cavanaugh
Jerry Colangelo
Jon Hunter
Dale Jensen
John Langbein
Harvey Mackay
Nancy Walker

Jimmy Walker

Executive Director
Sean Currie

Executive Producer
Lori McAllister

Event Coordinator
Kim French
Advisory Council
Lonnie Ali
Veronica Bertí
Don Camp
David Foster
Foster Friess
Andy Gelb
Bill Greaves
Nancy Hanley
Steve Hart
Tara Hitchcock
Linda Hunt
Abraham Lieberman, MD
Joyce Moore
Jennifer Moser
Patrick Murphy
Gregg Ostro
Robert Spetzler, MD
Jeff Stokes